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[4] Final reports

Principle Investigator Research Organization Research Theme Research Period
Start End
Data Processing Algorithms
Alexander Kokhanovsky University of Bremen(Germany) Cloud remote sensing using GOSAT instruments 2008/10/15 2013/10/14
Konstantin G. Gribanov Ural State University(Russia) Development of methods and software for retrieval of CO2 and CH4 spatial distributions from TANSO-FTS and TANSO-CAI sensors data and application of these methods for atmosphere over Western Siberia 2008/10/16 2013/10/15
Pierre-François Coheur Université Libre de Bruxelles(Belgium) Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry-Climate interactions with GOSAT 2009/8/21 2016/4/22
Sergey Oshchepkov National Institute for Environmental Studies(Japan) Algorithm developments for SWIR FTS GOSAT data processing with regard to atmospheric horizontal inhomogeneity 2009/10/30 2014/10/29
Samuele Del Bianco Institute for Applied Physics "Nello Carrara" of the Italian National Research Council(IFAC-CNR)(Italy) Definition, implementation and validation of a prototype software system aimed at the atmospheric corrections for the retrieval of solar-induced fluorescence. 2009/8/31 2013/5/10
Hideki Kobayashi Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(Japan) Evaluation and improvement of the phenology monitoring algorithm of terrestrial vegetation 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Masahiro Kawasaki Kyoto University(Japan) An instrument prototype for column CO2, CH4 and N2O using direct solar flux 2008/10/23 2013/10/22
Vanessa Sherlock NIWA(New Zealand) Southern Hemisphere validation of GOSAT XCO2 and XCH4 from TCCON solar FTSmeasurements in Australia and New Zealand 2008/10/21 2013/10/20
Tomoaki Miura University of Hawaii at Manoa(USA) Evaluation and Validation of GOSAT CAI Vegetation Index Products Using MODIS, AVHRR, and In Situ Data over the Conterminous United States and Hawaii 2008/10/29 2013/10/28
Thomas Blumenstock Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe(Germany) Validation of TANSO CH4 columns and profiles by ground-based solar absorption FTIR 2008/10/8 2015/1/29
Pieter Tans NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory(USA) Comparison of GOSAT retrievals of the CO2 and CH4 column mole fractions with in-situ data and estimates produced by the CarbonTracker data assimilation system. 2009/8/27 2014/8/26
Carbon Balance Estimation, Atmospheric Transport Models
Emil Pelikán Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic(Czech Republic) Modeling of the CO2 and CH4 fluxes using advanced mathematical techniques 2009/10/1 2014/9/30
Frédéric Chevallier Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement(LSCE)(France) Estimation of CO2 and CH4 surface fluxes 2009/10/15 2014/10/14
Data Application
Masayuki Tamura Kyoto University(Japan) Standardization of the NDVI produced from TANSO-CAI and its application to land observations 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Xiufeng Wang Hokkaido University(Japan) A study on the relationship between distributions of CO2 and CH4 near ground and land-use in Northeast Asian 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Kenta Ogawa Rakuno Gakuen University/Hokkaido University(Japan) Monitoring of Land Surface Status Using Thermal Infrared Emissivity and Visible to Near-Infrared Reflectance 2008/10/31 2013/10/30
Nakako Kobayashi Research Institute for Humanity and Nature→ Nagoya University(Japan) Wildfire detection and the estimation of methane emission ratio and gas emission rates 2008/11/25 2013/2/28
P. Stammes Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)(Netherlands) Study of aerosol and cloud properties using the polarization of the O2 A-band 2008/12/1 2016/9/23
Luis Guanter University of Valencia, Spain(Spain)→ Freie Universitaet Berlin(Germany) Space-based analysis of the relationship between vegetation functioning and atmospheric CO2 and CH4 greenhouse gases. 2009/9/30 2015/8/26
R.P. Singh Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Group(RESA)(India) Interaction Between Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases & Terrestrial Biospheric Processes Over Indian Subcontinent 2009/10/12 2016/10/31

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Final reports

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