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When the principle investigator (PI) or the research organization (RO) has been changed, the name of the present PI or RO is written after the right arrow.: Name at the initial adoption→ Name at present

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Principle Investigator Research Organization Research Theme Research Period
Start End
L. Larrabee Strow University of Maryland Baltimore County(USA) Infrared Validation and Mid-Tropospheric CO2 from the FTS GOSAT Sensor 2008/10/20 2013/10/19
Robert Knuteson UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON(USA) Assessment of GOSAT TIR FTS absolute calibration through validation 2009/1/20 2014/1/19
Tsuneo Matsunaga National Institute for Environmental Studies(Japan) Lunar calibration of TANSO using SELENE Spectral Profiler data 2008/10/2 2010/10/19
Hiroshi Suto Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)(Japan) Characterization of micro vibration effect to spaceborne-FTS on orbit 2008/10/24
Data Processing Algorithms
Alexander Kokhanovsky University of Bremen(Germany) Cloud remote sensing using GOSAT instruments 2008/10/15 2013/10/14
Christian Frankenberg Netherlands Institute for Space Research(SRON)(Netherlands) Retrieval of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor from GOSAT near-infrared spectra 2008/10/27
Tasuku Tanaka Yamaguchi University(Japan) New Retrieving Method for Vertical Profile of Atmospheric Constituents By FTS 2008/10/23 2010/5/21
Konstantin G. Gribanov Ural State University(Russia) Development of methods and software for retrieval of CO2 and CH4 spatial distributions from TANSO-FTS and TANSO-CAI sensors data and application of these methods for atmosphere over Western Siberia 2008/10/16 2013/10/15
Vladimir P. Budak Moscow Power Engineering Institute(Technical University)(MPEI(TU))(Russia) Development of radiative transfer technique for arbitrary 3D geometry with consideration of polarization effect 2008/10/21
Itaru Sano Kinki University(Japan) Algorithms for aerosol retrieval and validation for GOSAT/CAI: Combination use of multi-sensor data and ground based in-situ measurements 2008/10/27
Pierre-Yves Deschamps Université de Lille 1 and CNRS(France) Geophysical parameters derived from TANSO/FTS and CAI data 2008/10/14 2013/10/13
Naoko Saitoh University of Tokyo→ Chiba University(Japan) Studies on atmospheric minor constituents and polar stratospheric clouds retrieved from thermal infrared spectra of TANSO-FTS 2008/10/9
Kataev Mikhail Yurievich Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics(TUSUR)(Russia) Development of the column amount and concentration profiles retrieving algorithms for CO2 and CH4 from satellite data using a priori information (Neural Network approach) 2008/10/10
Ryoichi Imasu University of Tokyo(Japan) Studies on CO2 concentration in the lower atmosphere and its budget analysis using synergetic data of TANSO-FTS TIR and SWIR bands 2008/10/7
Thomas Wagner MPI for Chemistry, Mainz(Germany) Non standard cloud, aerosol, and albedo products 2008/10/27
Justus Notholt University of Bremen(Germany) Distributions of CO2 and CH4 over Eurasia between 30° N – 90°N 2008/10/29
Kimberly Strong University of Toronto(Canada) Validation of GOSAT Measurements Using Ground-Based and Satellite Data 2009/1/26
Hideki Kobayashi Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(Japan) Evaluation and improvement of the phenology monitoring algorithm of terrestrial vegetation 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Masahiro Kawasaki Kyoto University(Japan) An instrument prototype for column CO2, CH4 and N2O using direct solar flux 2008/10/23 2013/10/22
Kohei Mizutani National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan) Validation study of GOSAT CO2 data with coherent differential absorption lidars 2008/10/29
Vanessa Sherlock NIWA(New Zealand) Southern Hemisphere validation of GOSAT XCO2 and XCH4 from TCCON solar FTS measurements in Australia and New Zealand 2008/10/21 2013/10/20
Tomoaki Miura University of Hawaii at Manoa(USA) Evaluation and Validation of GOSAT CAI Vegetation Index Products Using MODIS, AVHRR, and In situ Data over the Conterminous United States and Hawaii 2008/10/29 2013/10/28
Yutaka Matsumi Nagoya University(Japan) Validation experiments for GOSAT using balloon-borne CO2 instruments 2008/10/28
Charles Miller→ Paul Wennberg Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology→ California Institute of Technology(USA) Validation of GOSAT Data Products and Joint GOSAT-OCO Intercomparisons→Validation of GOSAT Data Products 2009/11/19
Chikao Nagasawa Tokyo Metropolitan University(Japan) Validation of the SWIR/TIR products using tropospheric CO2 profiles by the ground-based differential absorption lidar 2008/10/17
Claude Camy-Peyret UPMC et CNRS→ LATMOS/IPSL(France) Correlative TIR,SWIR and NIR measurements for GOSAT 2009/1/23
Yasuko Jessica Kasai National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)(Japan) Validation of CH4 with several ground-based IR Spectrometers 2008/10/29 2015/2/23
Daisuke Sakaizawa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)(Japan) Validation of the optical depth in the TANSO-CAI/FTS products using a 1.6-um backscattering lidar observation 2008/10/1 2013/3/7
Thomas Blumenstock Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe(Germany) Validation of TANSO CH4 columns and profiles by ground-based solar absorption FTIR 2008/10/8 2015/1/29
Michael Buchwitz University of Bremen(Germany) Towards CONsistent long-term SCIAMACHY and GOSAT greenhouse gas data sets (CONSCIGO) 2008/10/20
Carbon Balance Estimation, Atmospheric Transport Models
Alexander Lukyanov→ Ruslan Zhuravlev Central Aerological Observatory(CAO)(Russia) Simulation of cirrus clouds and humidity in UTLS by using coupled cirrus/trajectory model and the modification of the transport models used for the purposes of greenhouse gases inversion 2008/10/13
Sander Houweling Netherlands Institute for Space Research(SRON)/ Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht(IMAU)(Netherlands) Intercomparison of CO2 fluxes estimated using inverse modelling of GOSAT and OCO measurements 2008/11/20
Christoph Gerbig Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry(Germany) Quantification of the carbon cycle in Europe and Western Africa by the top-down method 2008/10/10
Richard Engelen European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts(UK) Application of GOSAT data in a 4D-Var data assimilation system in combination with othergreenhouse gas observations to better estimate CO2 and CH4 fluxes 2008/11/3
Dylan B. A. Jones University of Toronto(Canada) Chemical data assimilation and inverse modeling of atmospheric CO2 2009/1/25 2014/1/24
Paul Palmer University of Edinburgh(UK) The UK Universities contribution to the analysis of GOSAT L1 and L2 data: towards a better quantitative understanding of surface carbon fluxes 2008/11/17
Data Application
Masayuki Tamura Kyoto University(Japan) Standardization of the NDVI produced from TANSO-CAI and its application to land observations 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Masami Fukuda University of Alaska Fairbanks(USA) Early Detection of Leakage from Siberian and Alaskan Gas Pipelines 2008/10/7 2010/6/2
Lei Liping Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth Science/Chinese Academy of Science(China) Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Relationship Between Greenhouse Gases and Landuse/Landcover in China 2008/10/24
Yoshinobu Harazono Osaka Prefecture University(Japan) Regional evaluation of CO2 exchange over a terrestrial ecosystem in Alaska and its application to vegetations in East-Asia 2008/10/17 2013/3/7
Petr Musilek University of Alberta(Canada) Evaluation of Applicability of GOSAT Data for Monitoring of Green House Gases (GHG) Emissions from Tailing Ponds and Upgrader Operations in the Oil Sands Production Area, Alberta, Canada 2009/1/20 2014/1/19
Xiufeng Wang Hokkaido University(Japan) A study on the relationship between distributions of CO2 and CH4 near ground and land-use in Northeast Asian 2008/10/3 2013/10/2
Richard Lynch Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc(AER)(USA) Trace gas remote sensing using near IR and longwave IR 2008/10/22 2013/10/21
Sachiko Hayashida Nara Woman's University(Japan) Analysis of GOSAT methane data to characterize the methane source from rice paddies in Asia 2008/10/28
Hirokazu Yamamoto National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan) The possibility of aerosol correction over land using ADEOS-ⅡGLI 380nm reflectance 2008/10/7 2013/10/6
Shamil Maksyutov National Institute for Environmental Studies(Japan) Estimation of the anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 emissions from the spatial concentration distribution around large point sources 2008/10/2
Tsuneo Matsunaga National Institute for Environmental Studies(Japan) Application of GOSAT FTS data to urban environmental monitoring 2008/10/2 2010/10/19
Kenta Ogawa Rakuno Gakuen University/Hokkaido University(Japan) Monitoring of Land Surface Status Using Thermal Infrared Emissivity and Visible to Near-Infrared Reflectance 2008/10/31 2013/10/30
Nakako Kobayashi Research Institute for Humanity and Nature→ Nagoya University(Japan) Wildfire detection and the estimation of methane emission ratio and gas emission rates 2008/11/25 2013/2/28
Makiko Nakata Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)→ Kinki University(Japan) Estimation of properties and emissions of atmospheric aerosols based on the GOSAT/CAI data 2008/10/1
P. Stammes Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute(KNMI)(Netherlands) Study of aerosol and cloud properties using the polarization of the O2 A-band 2008/12/1 2016/9/23
Hilary E. Snell Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc(AER_Inc.)(USA) Validation of a LIDAR System for the Measurement of CO2 2008/10/22 2013/10/21
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