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Principle Investigator Research Organization Research Theme Research Period
Start End
Data Processing Algorithms
Hirofumi Oyama Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)→ Nagoya University(Japan) Observation of air pollutants from GOSAT thermal infrared spectra 2011/3/8
Otto Hasekamp SRON-Netherlands Institute for Space Research(Netherlands) Retrieval of CH4 from GOSAT-FTS measurements using a full physics approach based on accurate radiative transfer and an approach using the CO2 column as a light path proxy 2011/3/15
Li Zhang Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)(China) The validation of GOSAT CO2 flux product over the grasslands 2011/3/17
Validation / Data Application
Mohsin Hafeez Charles Sturt University(Australia) Integrated mapping and modeling of water and carbon footprints of Australian irrigated agricultural systems 2011/2/21 2013/6/12
Yongwon Kim University of Alaska Fairbanks(UAF)(USA) Assessment and monitoring of CO2 and CH4 in wildfire and healthy boreal forest, Interior Alaska 2011/2/24
Carbon Balance Estimation, Atmospheric Transport Models
Peter Rayner University of Melbourne(Australia) Assimilating GOSAT CO2 into a combined weather/climate model 2011/9/7
Ray Nassar Environment Canada(Canada) Assimilation of GOSAT observations in the Environment Canada Carbon Assimilation System (EC-CAS) and complementary systems 2011/3/15
Dylan Bryce A. Jones University of Toronto(Canada) Estimation and attribution of global CO2 surface fluxes using satellite observations of CO2 and CO from TES, GOSAT, and MOPITT 2011/6/17
Carbon Balance Estimation, Atmospheric Transport Models / Data Application
Chang-Keun Song National Institute of Environmental Research(Korea) Evaluation of long-range transport of greenhouse gases (hereinafter refer to as "GHGs")(CO2 and CH4) and estimation of GHGs emission sources using GOSAT data and atmospheric chemistry model for the better understanding of carbon cycle 2011/3/2
Data Application
Kristiina Regina MTT Agrifood Research Finland(Finland) Carbon balance of selected agricultural soils in southern Finland estimated using GOSAT/FTS satellite sensory data - effect of soil type and management practices on CO2 and CH4 vertical flux estimates 2011/3/11
Krishna Prasad Vadrevu University of Maryland, College Park(USA) Assessment of GOSAT/TANSO-FTS CO2 variations in relation to biomass burning and vegetation fires 2011/2/23
Philippe Ricaud CNRS/Université Paul Sabatier→ CNRM/GAME, CNRS URA 1357(France) Transport processes over the Mediterranean Basin as diagnosed from the evolution of long-lived species: Spaceborne measurements and modeling studies 2011/2/23
Ira Leifer University of California, Santa Barbara→ Bubbleology Research International(USA) Validation of satellite-derived methane budgets from fugitive fossil fuel industrial emissions 2011/4/19
Jordi Isern-Fontanet Institut Catala de Ciencies del Clima(Spain) The role of oceanic mesoscale structures in the air-sea fluxes 2011/2/22 2016/8/1
Bingfang Wu Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)(China) Spatial and temporal dynamics detection of the greenhouse gas emissions from the Three Gorges region of China 2011/2/22 2014/1/17
Muhammad Evri Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology(BPPT)(Indonesia) REDD Plus and Estimation of land-atmosphere carbon exchange using ground-based and GOSAT data in Industrial Plantation Forest: Paser-East Kalimantan and Jambi 2011/3/3 2014/1/22
Ke-Sheng Cheng National Taiwan University(Taiwan) Comparing path radiances estimated using GOSAT CAI images and Formosat II images 2011/3/4
Rama Rao Nidamanuri Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST), Government of India(India) Estimation of tropical forest biophysical parameters using near UV and NIR reflectance from GOSAT TANSO-CAI sensor 2011/5/19 2013/6/12
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