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Final report summaries of already finished researches are available. Please click research themes to download the summaries.

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When the principle investigator (PI) or the research organization (RO) has been changed, the name of the present PI or RO is written after the right arrow.: Name at the initial adoption→ Name at present

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Principle Investigator Research Organization Research Theme Research Period
Start End
Ann Mari Fjaeraa Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)(Norway) Absolute and Relative Validation of GOSAT CH4 products over Scandinavian and Arctic Areas 2016/9/13
Data Application
Zulfa Hanan Ash'aari Universiti Putra Malaysia(Malaysia) Impact of historical land-use/land cover conversion by oil palm plantation on greenhouse gas emission in Peninsular Malaysia 2017/3/4
Hibiki Noda National Institute for Environmental Studies(Japan) Application of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence; Estimation of photosynthetic production by terrestrial ecosystem 2016/7/28
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