Greenhouse gases observing satellite GOSAT  "IBUKI"


[7] Project Information and Research Announcements

The latest information is posted on the GOSAT Project website and in the Project’s newsletter. Back number issues of the newsletter are available on the website. The GOSAT Project solicited research proposals from scientists around the world to further active use of the GOSAT data.


The website of the GOSAT Project (Figure 26) posts the latest news in the Project as well as other information such as technical details, project results, GOSAT research announcements, and back number issues of GOSAT PROJECT NEWSLETTER. Data users can search and order the GOSAT data products at GDAS, the GOSAT data product distribution site (Figure 10). There, the users can also view selected data products plotted on global maps. Figure 27 shows the project website of upcoming successor GOSAT-2 (, where the latest information is provided such as requirements for the spacecraft and instruments.

Figure 26. Top page of GOSAT Project website (

Figure 27. GOSAT-2 Website


Through research announcements for eight times from 2008 to 2014, the GOSAT Project solicited research proposals from scientists worldwide. Proposals have been solicited in the following five research areas: instrument calibration, data processing algorithm development, carbon balance estimation and atmospheric transport modeling, data validation, and data application. A total of 122 proposals were selected (Table 4). The outlines of the proposals already selected have been posted on the Project website ( Scientists not only in Japan but also around the world responded to the research announcements, showing active interests in the Project. Table 5 shows the number of selected research proposals per nation. The meetings of principal investigators were held at Tokyo, Japan in 2008, Kyoto, Japan in 2010, Edinburgh, UK in 2011, Pasadena, USA in 2012, Yokohama, Japan in 2013, Tsukuba, Japan in 2014, and Pasadena, USA in 2015. Attended scientists shared the latest information on their researches and discussed their progresses.

Table 4. Number of selected research proposals per research area.

Table 5. Number of selected research proposals per nation.

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